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The Inspector Barlach Mysteries: The Judge and His Hangma...

D. Rrenmatt, Friedrich
The Inspector Barlach Mysteries: The Judge and His Hangman and Suspicion (Large Print 16pt)
This volume offers bracing new translations of two precursors to the modern detective novel by Friedrich Drrenmatt' whose genre - bending mysteries recall the work of Alain Robbe - Grillet and anticipate the postmodern fictions of Paul Auster and other contemporary neo - noir novelists. Both mysteries follow Inspector Barlach as he moves through...

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The Physicists

D¿rrenmatt, Friedrich
The Physicists
Melodrama / Characters: 16 male, 4 femaleScenic Requirements: InteriorThe scene is a madhouse and the focus is on three inmates who are nuclear physicists. One thinks he is Newton and another, Einstein. The third has visitations from Solomon. They appear to be nice, likeable lunatics, but nothing is as simple as it seems. Are they really mad? Or are they playing some murderous game with the world as the stake? Who is earnest and who is the spy...

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