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Falling for the Dr

Sullivan, Piper
Falling for the Dr
This is it! The start of a brand new, feel-good Small Town Rom Com series! ♥ My best friend's brother needs a favor... My bestie asks me to help her brother renovate his house. To say I'm not thrilled is putting it lightly. Will I help the grumpy doctor? Sure, why not. But I intend to make him pay, dearly. I'm not the same snotty-nosed kid who once followed him around like a love-sick puppy. And I intend to let him know that. Teddy, the cute...

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Bartoli, Mattia / Giorcelli, Mauro / Tagliaferro, Alberto
Biochar is the carbonaceous residue produced from the pyrolytic conversion of biomass. It is generally used for agricultural applications as a soil amendment but has far wider potential. This book presents the use of biochar as a platform for the development of new intriguing solutions in several cutting-edge fields. The book is a useful reference volume for any reader with a strong scientific and technological background, ranging from scienti...

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Tropical Plant Species and Technological Interventions fo...

Khan, Muhammad Sarwar
Tropical Plant Species and Technological Interventions for Improvement
This book provides a precise and meticulous overview of the production technologies involved in the cultivation of tropical plants. Technological advances have transformed the cultivation of fruit and ornamental plants from agronomic to value-added plants. The book highlights the essentials for developing tropical plants with increased nutritive, nutraceutical, and aesthetic value.

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Model-based Traceability System Development for Complex M...

Kuhn, Marlene
Model-based Traceability System Development for Complex Manufacturing Applying Blockchain and Graphs
Traceability systems are the key enablers to smart manufacturing, as they provide transparency and structured documentation along with a product's value generation flow. With rising regulatory and organizational requirements, traceability systems have developed from a pure risk mitigation tool to an essential pillar of the data revolution in the context of Industry 4.0. Especially in the automotive industry, recall costs are growing exponentia...

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Führungskräfteentwicklung. Von der Potenzialerkennung bis...

Pfleger, Julia
Führungskräfteentwicklung. Von der Potenzialerkennung bis zur Unterstützung in der täglichen Führungsarbeit
Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2021 im Fachbereich Führung und Personal - Sonstiges, Note: 2.0, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Welche Instrumente der Personalentwicklung können auf der Grundlage der wissenschaftlichen Literatur für die Entwicklung von Führungskräften eingesetzt werden? Als erstes werden die Führung und seine Perspektiven, der Begriff Kompetenz, Führungskompetenzen in der Zukunft, Führungskräfteentwicklung und schließlich deren Ins...

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Udit Narayan Songs' Western Notes

Kumar, Vinod
Udit Narayan Songs' Western Notes
Always happy faced, heartbeat of everybody, melodious and soft spoken Udit Narayan's selected 51 super hit songs in English and their notes in CDEF style is presented in the bouquet of this book. This is a gift to fans of Udit Narayan. Taal and Sa of each songs is provided and one chord is also provided to accompany. This is useful book for music lovers. Even beginners can play songs easily with the help of this book. This is a collectible boo...

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