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Life and Loss

Browne, Anthony

Life and Loss

Life and Loss: A Family Confronts Multiple Sclerosis is a highly personal love story about a family caring for a daughter stricken with this disease that has no cure. The family confronts the disease, dealing with failures and successes as they try to help their loved one improve her quality of life. Unfortunately, she succumbs as the family exhausts all their energy and resources to help make her life comfortable.Her father shares the story of how the family progressed through the various stages of the disease with their loved one. Learning about the effects of Multiple Sclerosis was not enough to prepare the family for everything they would experience. There is so much more that wasn't addressed by the healthcare professionals.Her father tells the story to help others in the same or similar circumstances with the lessons he and his family gathered.

CHF 22.50


ISBN 9781939696311
Jahr 2017
Verlag Blue Dragon Publishing, LLC
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)


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