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The Demography of Forced Migration: Summary of a Workshop

National Research Council / Division Of Behavioral And Social Scienc / Commission On Behavioral And Social Scie
The Demography of Forced Migration: Summary of a Workshop
Because forced migration situations are often physically dangerous and politically complicated, estimates of these populations are often difficult to make. Estimates of forced migration vary, but it is probable that there are about 23 million refugees and more than 30 million internally displaced people.In order to assist specific groups of forced migrants and also to better understand the general plight of forced migrants, good demographic da...

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Avoiding the Merry-Go-Round

Yisrael, Keilah
Avoiding the Merry-Go-Round
Avoiding The Merry-Go-Round is an autobiography of a woman's account of the male relationships that had an impact on her life and the lessons learned through each experience. It takes you back to the captivating passionate atmosphere of first love and down a dark road of confusion...Through Self-awareness, faith and perseverance young Kiyah emerges into a comfident woman in control of her destiny. However, the experiences are not unique to Kir...

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Nonlinear Model Based Process Control

Berber, R. D. / Kravaris, Costas / Berber, Ridvan
Nonlinear Model Based Process Control
The increasingly competitive environment within which modern industry has to work means that processes have to be operated over a wider range of conditions in order to meet constantly changing performance targets. Add to this the fact that many industrial operations are nonlinear, and the need for on-line control algorithms for nonlinear processes becomes clear. Major progress has been booked in constrained model-based control and important is...

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The Rhizobiaceae: Molecular Biology of Model Plant-Associ...

Spaink, Herman P. / Hooykaas, Paul J. / Kondorosi, A.
The Rhizobiaceae: Molecular Biology of Model Plant-Associated Bacteria
This book gives a comprehensive overview of our present molecular biological knowledge about the Rhizobiaceae, which currently can be called the best studied family of soil bacteria. For many centuries they have attracted the attention of scientists because of their capacity to associate with plants and as a consequence also to specifically modify plant development. Some of these associations are beneficial for the plant, as is the case for th...

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The Strategic Management of Research and Technology: Eval...

Callon, Michel / Laredo, Philippe / Mustar, Philippe
The Strategic Management of Research and Technology: Evaluation of Programmes
Research and development are essential strategic activities. They are vital for technology programs whose goal is to increase the competitiveness of companies and even of countries such as EU member states. But the critical need for strategic management of these R&D, activities is largely unrecognized. Technological programs encourage alliances and collaborations between various actors (universities, public laboratories, technology centers, et...

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