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Trabandt, Sonja / Trabandt, Sonja / Trabandt, Sonja
Sonja Trabandt's project BEFANGEN deals with the personal desire of breaking free from social norms, cultural or social barriers or even evolutionary processes. Strong colors meet surrealistic abstracted metaphors of vague human feelings. There is no stringent storyline, no continuous series. The book's layout shows a flow of subsequent and interwoven images. They create bright disharmonies with neither a question nor an answer. With her intui...

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Ida, Baccini
L'Eduvige era una bambina proprio sgomenta. Volere un gran bene alla mamma e vedersela là, in un fondo di letto, con una tossaccia ostinata che non le dava pace nè giorno nè notte, era una gran passione. Almeno avesse potuto prestarsi in qualche cosa e aiutare il babbo, pazienza! Ma di che cosa può esser ella capace una bambinuccia di otto o nov'anni? C'erano tanti bisogni in quella casa! Il babbo andava all'uffizio la mattina alle dieci e to...

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Discorso Sopra Alcuni Punti Della Storia Longobardica In ...

Alessandro, Manzoni
Discorso Sopra Alcuni Punti Della Storia Longobardica In Italia
Le Notizie Storiche premesse a questa tragedia non son altro che una serie di nudi fatti scelti nelle cronache e nelle memorie d¿ogni genere, che ci rimangono dell¿epoca rappresentata nella tragedia stessa. S¿è detto scelti, perchè quelle cronache e quelle memorie sono non di rado così discordi tra loro, che dalla lettura di esso risulta tutt¿altro che un concetto unico di storia...

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Profiles of Texas, Seventh Edition (2023)

Garoogian, David
Profiles of Texas, Seventh Edition (2023)
Each state-by-state volume in this series provides at-a-glance detailed demographic and statistical data on every populated place in the state, along with easy-to-use comparative rankings. Each Demographic Profile gives the user an easy-to-read snapshot of every single place and county in the state, from the biggest metropolis to the smallest unincorporated hamlet. Each profile offers data on History, Geography, Climate, Population, Vital Stat...

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MURDER AT LUNA LAKE a traditional Southern cozy murder my...

Pickens, Cathy
MURDER AT LUNA LAKE a traditional Southern cozy murder mystery
Winner of the Malice Domestic Award for Best New Traditional Mystery. 'A cozy with some sharp edges . . . This strong start augurs well for future books in the series.' Publishers Weekly ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'Engaging, funny, poignant.' Terri ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 'A classic southern story.' Donna Please note this book was previously published as Southern Fried. WELCOME TO SOUTH CAROLINA, WHERE THE HOSPITALITY IS WARM AND THE MURDER IS STONE-COLD. Attorney Avery Andrews has...

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Dead Close

Burr, Frederic W.
Dead Close
Dead Close' finds Boone and Marianne Bell, who is four months along in her pregnancy, settled in their new office space outside downtown Albany. Representing the owner of a vintage clothing shop accused of murder, Clive Townsend seeks Boone's help investigating his client's background to determine any possible motive for the crime. In addition to assigning surveillance tasks to three of Boone's former snitches, Marianne undertakes a forensic a...

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