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Biblos Symbolic Architecture

Kurilo, Diego

Biblos Symbolic Architecture

As all traditional doctrines and philosophies teach, the Universe is a symbolic fact. An Arabic proverb says that everything can be reduced to symbols, except Tufân the breath of fire. It is said that there is, in the first cause, an older source of symbols close to fire and the water of life, a concept close to the Koranic symbolism of water in the Arab world. The symbolic thought of the first Indo-European peoples saw in many deities the manifestation of primal fires and the wellspring of the symbolic, a certain union where the opposites stop showing through the theater of the demonstrations to lose themselves in unity. Man needs to understand what symbolism is, because without this understanding he cannot delve inside and look at yourself, being a central symbol of the earthly, in a universe without scale and time.

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ISBN 9798223703341
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
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Verlag Massetti Pub
Jahr 20230223


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