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Brazil and China in Knowledge and Policy Transfer

Romano, Giulia C. / Porto De Oliveira, Osmany

Brazil and China in Knowledge and Policy Transfer

This book examines knowledge and policy transfer from the perspectives of Brazil and China. It assesses how these two nations have emerged as providers of ideas and models that contribute to the global offer of public policies. With a variety of case studies in areas such as health, food security and infrastructure, the volume offers new insights into the distinct levels through which knowledge and policy transfers take place, including the local, regional, national and supranational. It develops a multidimensional framework of analysis that considers the agents, objects, and mechanisms for knowledge and policy transfer, as well as the structures and timings within which they operate. Unlike previous studies on policy transfer ¿ which largely focus on North-North and North-South learning processes ¿ this book offers an innovative approach to this area of study. By reflecting on the experiences of these two rising powers, it provides fresh insights on the future of knowledge and policy transfer as global power dynamics shift. This interdisciplinary study will appeal to students and scholars of policy transfer, development studies, international relations and public policy.

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ISBN 9783031091155
Sprache eng
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag Springer International Publishing
Jahr 20221002


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