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Defensive Hearts

Ciz, Alley

Defensive Hearts

The day I saw Gemma Steele's delicious body wearing nothing but a few scraps of lace, I knew being traded was the least of my problems.
Her sexy text may not have been meant for me, but that image is not something a warm-blooded man could ever forget-no matter how badly he wants to. I've tried to resist her, but I can't seem to escape Little Miss Suzy Sunshine. Every interaction is rife with tension and animosity, until it boils over, and we cross the point of no return.
That's when I know I'm screwed, because now when I look at her, all I think is: Mine.
Who knew a simple selfie could be such a recipe for disaster?

The first time I met Chance Jenson, I was into the whole broody-bad-boy thing.
But then he opened his mouth and I quickly realized he's not just a little moody-he's the grumpiest jerk to ever lace up a pair of hockey skates. I wasn't having any part of it. I agreed to cook for his dogs, but promised myself that the only thing he would ever eat are his words.
I spent more than a year doing my best to hate him, but when Chance's lips land on mine, I feel...conflicted.
I don't want to want the jackass.
I certainly don't want to have feelings for him.
Unfortunately for me, my heart seems to have other plans.

What the hell am I going to do?

**DEFENSIVE HEARTS is an enemies-to-lovers romcom filled with hella sexual tension featuring a sunshiny personal chef, a grumpy hockey player who's jealous his dogs get all her love, and a sexy selfie that pushes this possessive alphahole over the edge. While this hilarious romance stands alone with its HEA, you won't go wrong catching up with the best girl gang around-The Covenettes-in the rest of the BTU Alumni series.**

CHF 40.50


ISBN 9781960376015
Cover Fester Einband
Sprache eng
Verlag House of Crazy Publishing LLC
Jahr 20230223


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