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Franco, Fernando E.


DISS.CON.TINUEDIT IS NOT AN ENEMY WHO TAUNTS ME-I COULD BEAR THAT. IT IS NOT MY FOES WHO SO ARROGANTLY INSULT ME- I COULD HAVE HIDDEN FROM THEM.INSTEAD, IT IS YOU-MY EQUAL, MY COMPANION AND CLOSE FRIEND.This book is for those who have been told by others or by your own self that your life has come to an end. It is for those who have been betrayed and just can't seem to heal - Don't believe that lie! In spite of how expired you feel, you'll witness one chapter at a time on how you can go from dis.con.tinued to dancing and from dancing to dan.SING! A must read for ANYONE who needs another round of oxygen to go another mile in life. - you'll get your solution here in dis.con.tinued.

CHF 27.50


ISBN 9780578536743
Jahr 20190628
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Sprache eng
Verlag Fernando Franco


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