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Don Quijote

This is a Spanish edition of Don Quijote designed for English-speaking students. Both parts, Parts 1 (1605) and 2 (1615), of Don Quijote are included in this single volume, introduced and annotated by Tom Lathrop. The text includes Lathrop's Don Quijote Dictionary, which was previously only available separately.
Until Tom Lathrop's first Spanish edition for students was published in 1998, students had to use editions of Don Quijote published in Spain for Spaniards. Vocabulary and syntactic structures that are difficult (or impossible) for students are usually not annotated in those editions. Cultural information which educated Spanish speakers already know, but students simply do not, is equally not annotated. Students have thus been deprived of much of what they need to know in order to understand the text.
To help solve the vocabulary problem, Lathrop has included 10, 459 vocabulary glosses in the margin opposite the line where the Spanish word to be defined appears. If too many words need to be put in the margin, phrases are translated in footnotes. In all, there are 3, 742 footnotes. These also deal with cultural items, historical, geographical, biblical, mythological, textual references, and all kinds of other information. Footnotes will not offer interpretations: that is for instructors and their students to figure out.
This edition-the Dictionary Edition-includes all the marginal glosses again at the back of the book, compiled for easy reference. Previously, Lathrop's Quijote glosses were available as a separate book, called The Don Quijote Dictionary. The publisher is pleased to present, for the first time ever, Lathrop's Dictionary included as an appendix to his groundbreaking edition of the Quijote. This edition features many of the 1863 etchings by Gustav Doré and a new cover by Anna Teather.

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ISBN 9781589771291
Sprache spa
Cover Fester Einband
Verlag European Masterpieces
Jahr 20181113


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