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Over the Rhine

Romano, Jean

Over the Rhine

BOOK SUMMARY/SYNOPSIS:Newlyweds from Germany immigrate to Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 19th century. They seek the freedom to raise a family and improve their lives on their own terms. Three children are born in Ohio. They thrive and have children of their own who build on the opportunities offered in the new country.Events and experiences change old beliefs and customs for all. As the family grows, their successes and failures are part of history. This story ends at the start of World War II, the second war where German immigrants find they must prove their loyalty to America. It is a journey all immigrants face even today. It is the blending of many whose values hold firm and where differences of race, religion, culture and aspirations result in a nation truly representative of the world itself.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Jean Romano has the mixed heritage of many Americans. Father's family from Germany, Mother's family traced back to England, France, Scotland, and Ireland. She graduated from Douglass College in 1954 with a major in History. At the University of Cincinnati, she earned teaching credentials and worked for 25 years in the Windham Public Schools of Connecticut. Her position was with English Language Learners and her own passion is for those who are becoming part of the blended society that is America.

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ISBN 9781647533960
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag URLink Print & Media, LLC
Jahr 20200608


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