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With the trajectory of today's society, we can all agree that parenting is difficult. Choosing to foster and adopt proves to not be an easy feat. Parents are in constant competition with societal influences and sometimes feel it's an uphill battle. These same parents are often told they will be supported in the rearing of their children and that adequate resources would be made available. But what happens when you discover the system that promised to help you, would betray you? What happens when you decide to enter into another realm of difficulty - fostering and adopting children who come with mental and physical baggage? Meet Jenell Jones, an adoptive mother who is still trying to find the answers to these questions. In these pages, you will see through a mother's eyes as she shares her deepest pain for her daughter, "Mercy." In the end, justice is necessary and peace is questionable.

CHF 32.90


ISBN 9798823000314
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Sprache eng
Verlag Authorhouse
Jahr 20230223


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