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The Aefryt's Lamp

Romano, C. Justin

The Aefryt's Lamp

A Blast from the Past...

Bounty huntress Argentia Dasani thought she'd seen the last of Al'Atin Erkani when she locked him in the dungeons of Castle Aventar. Three years later, the thief has escaped and is on the run with a token of unspeakable power: a magic lamp that is a prison for an elemental monster whose sole desire is to raze the world to ruin.

Tasked to recapture Erkani and recover the lamp, Argentia and her friends follow a trail of death and destruction the likes of which they have never seen before. Hope hinges on a scrap of prophecy and a mystical artifact created to counter the power of the lamp, but time is running short.

As the hunt ranges from the docks of Harrowgate to the deserts of Makhara, it becomes clear to Argentia that her enemy is more powerful, callous, and insane than any she has ever faced. Will all her vaunted skill and luck be enough to stop Erkani, or will she and the rest of Acrevast burn in the fires of the aefryt's lamp?

CHF 34.90


ISBN 9781663234438
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag iUniverse
Jahr 20220208


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