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The Lovers

From the author of international bestseller The Eight Mountains, a story of love and community in the wild beauty of the Italian AlpsThe remote alpine village of Fontana Fredda lives by the seasons. These quiet, complex rhythms appeal to Fausto, who has left the city of Milan behind, and with it his relationship. He takes a job as chef in a little restaurant and entrusts himself to new beginnings.Silvia is also seeking change: her sights are on the glaciers where, she has read, climbing a thousand metres towards the sky is equivalent to travelling ten times the same distance to the north. She is in search of her personalNorth Pole.When Fausto and Silvia meet one night, their story begins: a tender story of love and renewal, of the community that sustains them, and of lives humbled by the implacable strength and beauty of the mountains.As intimate in focus as it is epic in scope, The Lovers is a luminous meditation on our quest to understand our place in one another's lives, and in the magnificence of the world around us.Praise for The Eight Mountains:'Exquisite... A rich, achingly painful story' Annie Proulx'Enchanting' Guardian'Brilliant' New York Times

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ISBN 9781787303379
Sprache eng
Cover FICTION / World Literature / Italy, FICTION / Nature & the Environment, Climbing & mountaineering, Europe, Climbing and mountaineering, The Alps, Europe, Narrative theme: Sense of place, Narrative theme: Love and relationships, Modern and contemporary fiction, Climbing and mountaineering, The Alps, Italy, Fester Einband
Verlag Random House UK
Jahr 20220623


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