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The Secrets of Brahma

Romano, Henry

The Secrets of Brahma

The reprimand of Lord Shiva by Brahma for harboring sexual feelings for his own daughter, Sandhya, led him to consult Daksha and his other sons about what to do. Due to his high status as a yogi and his lack of knowledge of women and passion, Shiva had little understanding of sexual feelings. Trying to make Shiva suffer from love's pangs, Brahma enlisted the help of Kama and Rati, his wife.
The creation will continue to be mediocre unless Shiva indulges in sexual activity. Only Kama's power can triumph over Shiva, who is highly detached." Thus saying, Brahma requested the Kama to try his wiles on Lord Shiva. Vasanta was also created for the Kama to be his constant companion so that he could succeed in his adventures. "Kama, please try to enchant Shiva on behalf of the world. Shoot your arrows at Shiva wherever he goes to entice him to take a wife. Follow him wherever he goes, whether over mountains, through forests, or on peaks. You are the only person who can make this happen. He dislikes women and is in complete control of his own actions."
With these words of the Creator in his ears, Kama, accompanied by Vasanta and the gentle breeze of Maharashtra, departed for the harsh mountains, caves, and dales in which Shiva roamed. As the seasons changed, Kama's journey continued. There was no longer a cold wind blowing against the icy peaks of the Himalayas. Instead, it was swept by a gentle Malaya breeze, fragrant with the scent of a thousand flowers. Amid all the blossoming trees, Shiva was immersed in atomic bliss, not beguiled by the beauty. Kama's sugarcane bow sent arrow after arrow flying. Rati and he both tried every trick in the book. Shiva was immune to their charm, but all living things succumbed to theirs. All living things except him were affected. Brahma returned dejectedly to the Kama after his ego had been crushed.

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ISBN 9798201806477
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag Dttv Publications
Jahr 20220617


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