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Tilda Tries Again

Percival, Tom

Tilda Tries Again

From the creator of Ruby Finds a Worry, the perfect picture book for helping children embrace change, now in paperback.Tilda doesn't like change. Why would she, when her life is great just the way it is? But one day, Tilda's world turns completely UPSIDE DOWN. All of a sudden, everything is topsy-turvy, and nothing feels right. Things that were once easy now seem incredibly challenging. Everything is just so different and hard. Can Tilda discover a way to move forward and embrace all this change? Bold, bright, and empowering, this inspiring story about coping with unexpected changes is perfect for helping children build resilience.The Big Bright Feelings picture book series provides kid-friendly entry points into emotional intelligence topics-from being true to yourself to dealing with worries, managing anger, and making friends. These topics can be difficult to talk about. But these books act as sensitive and reassuring springboards for conversations about mental and emotional health, positive self-image, building self-confidence, and managing feelings.Read all the books in the Big Bright Feelings series!Ruby Finds a WorryPerfectly NormanRavi's RoarMeesha Makes FriendsTilda Tries AgainMilo's Monster

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ISBN 9781547614486
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag Bloomsbury
Jahr 20240206


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