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Vedic Cosmos

Romano, Henry

Vedic Cosmos

In his dancing position, Shiva is known as Nataraja, the King of dancers, and is one of the most beautiful forms of Lord Shiva. The upper right hand of Shiva, as Nataraja, holds the damaru drum. It shows nothing, but it represents universal development. Meanwhile, the lower right-hand holds a flame of destruction. There are many stories about Shiva's appearance. There is a third eye between Lord Shiva's eyebrows on his forehead as an example. It represents wisdom or inner vision. The other two eyes represent love and justice. Shiva views everything with the proportions of love, justice, and inner knowledge, thus, he is neither too harsh nor lenient. Shiva's three eyes also symbolize the sun, moon, and fire, how the universe is illuminated. Shiva's wife, Parvati, covered Shiva's eyes with her hands one day, and the entire world was enveloped in darkness. That is how Shiva got his third eye. Shiva ordered the third eye to manifest, producing light, heat, and fire.

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ISBN 9798201791094
Sprache eng
Verlag Dttv Publications
Jahr 20220307
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)


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