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Yasmin The Yoga Cat

Romano, Jean

Yasmin The Yoga Cat

This small book is designed to be read by teachers or parents to children ages 4 to 7. It addresses the needs of youngsters who are affected by the constraints of home schooling and the need to find a community of their peers. Yasmin tells the children that they can free their minds by doing Yoga poses, modeled by the cat, and practicing mindfulness and gratitude thinking in the frame of meditation. The poem Yasmin tells the children is about practices they can do to make them happier. In a classroom, the book reading and the two elements of yoga poses and mindfulness, are in a group setting. Even if the group is virtual, there is a sense of belonging to an activity that is shared. It is expected that adults will expand on the message of Yasmin by making this a daily routine to ensure a calming and thoughtful start to each lesson or daily activity.

CHF 8.50


ISBN 9781955603119
Sprache eng
Cover Kartonierter Einband (Kt)
Verlag ReadersMagnet LLC
Jahr 20211019


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