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Franco, Fernando E
This book is the sequel of dis.con.tinued. Dis.con.tinued was ranked #1 on Amazon's new releases immediately after the publication date.In, Fernando E. Franco Sr., helps you to:Discover how to resume after life's biggest interruptions.Accept that people of all races and colors are made up of feelings and are free to judge who they want.Understand that not a soul is exempt from hurt.Know the four categories of anger.Be aware of ...

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Franco, Fernando E.
DISS.CON.TINUEDIT IS NOT AN ENEMY WHO TAUNTS ME-I COULD BEAR THAT. IT IS NOT MY FOES WHO SO ARROGANTLY INSULT ME- I COULD HAVE HIDDEN FROM THEM.INSTEAD, IT IS YOU-MY EQUAL, MY COMPANION AND CLOSE FRIEND.This book is for those who have been told by others or by your own self that your life has come to an end. It is for those who have been betrayed and just can't seem to heal - Don't believe that lie! In spite of how expired you feel, you'll wit...

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